The Mural Art of Eulojio Ortega

From children's murals to a five story mural in the world's largest Starbucks and everything in between, the level of quality is always the highest. Let's talk about your own mural.

Children's Library Mural
Images from start to finish of this Children's library murals.
World's Largest Starbucks Five Story Mural
The Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue
Little Mermaid Musical Background
Houston Texas Mural, Memorial City Mall
The story behind this mural is that a grove of trees, visible from Katy freeway, sadly had to be cut down in order to build The Fountains - an apartment complex in Houston, TX. The developer wanted to bring back some of the lost beauty that was once so visible to all, and so I was hired, all the way from Chicago, Il., to paint this enormous forest mural. It's a bit too successful I think, in that many drivers -as they speed by, just glimpse some trees without actually processing that they just saw a massive work of art. Two buildings, totaling 550 ft in length and 60 ft in height (nearly two football fields). Still my largest mural to date.
Formula One Mural
Theatre Murals
Library Mural
Wizard of Oz Theatre Mural
Bulldog Mascot Mural
Biggest Car Mural... In the World! Section 4
Super Cars
Black Forest High Road Germany Mural
Massive Gym Mural
Metea Mustangs Gym Mural
Tennessee Dome Mural
Kendall County Courthouse Mural
Bar Area Fire Girl Mural
Plano School Murals
Historical murals designed and painted for Plano Middle School in IL
Worker Tribute Mural
Mexican Restaurant Lima Fresca Mural
Olde Tyme Inn Mural
Genoa Winery Mural
Hampshire Mascot Mural
Tobacco Road Sports Bar Mural
Wile E. Coyote 3d Mural
Kaneland Knights Mural
Cowherd Hall School Mural
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