One of my favorite school murals. This was done for a school in a lower income  district in Aurora IL. The teacher, Anthony Garcia, who made this happen through fundraising, was one of those visionaries who changes everything around them for the better.He's a very inspirational person who I am so honored to have met. Every school needs about a dozen just like him.
That's the school song in the notes
Me, my apron, and the mural.  My aprons get a lot of attention from passerby as they (the aprons) look kinda gross, but I assure you they are just hundreds of layers of paint until they become like alligator scales so thick and heavy that I have to replace them. In my career I've had about nine or maybe ten.  One client asked for the apron I wore for their mural so they could put it in a frame next to the artwork.  Why not?
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